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Treatment of "heart valves" through a small incision camera

Verfasst: 18.10.2020 11:54
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Heart valve disease that is most common in Thai people are Degeneration of the heart valves with age and rheumatic heart disease. It is also found from other causes such as congenital heart valves.Heart valve infection Congenital heart valve tissue abnormalities Which most of the heart valves found to have problems are Mitral valve, located between the left ventricle and the left ventricle.

If the damage is not too great And no other associated diseases To do joint surgery, now can perform Minimally Invasive Surgery (Mitral Valve Repair) that helps patients do not have to cut the sternum (Sternum), helping the wound to be small. slotxo Short recovery time Returning to various activities As needed

Laparoscopic Mitral Valve Repair
Minimally Invasive Surgery (Mitral Valve Repair) is a surgical repair of the heart valves using specially designed surgical instruments and using a camera that allows a detailed image to be inserted through a small hole. 4 holes on the right rib for a clear view An artificial lung and heart machine will be used through a tube inserted from the groin vessels to temporarily support lung and heart function, allowing doctors to perform a smooth repair and replacement of the heart valve. Without needing to cut the sternum (Sternum) as in the past


Who can be treated with microscopic mitral valve repair?
Heart surgeons will consider Minimally Invasive Surgery (Mitral Valve Repair) based on the symptoms and abnormalities of the patient and the results of the diagnosis of heart valve function with a resonator. High frequency (Echocardiogram), which clearly shows abnormal heart valves. If surgery is to be performed, the cardiologist will consider age. The physical condition of patients with underlying diseases or diseases, including the location of the heart valves that have problems. In the event that the patient is unable to undergo a standard heart valve replacement surgery Mini incision laparoscopic mitral valve repair is another option that will help patients return to their quality of life again.

Advantages of Microscopic Mitral Valve Repair Surgery
This method, apart from taking the surgery is not long, is about 3-4 hours, also allows the wound to be small, 4-5 centimeters only They also lose little blood. Reduce the risk of infection in the sternum. Because you don't have to saw the sternum It takes a while to recuperate and return to life and resume normal activities.This method requires a doctor's experience and expertise.

The advantages of this method of surgery are

No need to cut the sternum (Sternum).
Small wound, little pain, little blood loss
Reduce the risk of infection
Reduce the time of recovery
Can do various activities as usual
Don't worry about the unattractive from the surgical wound
However, Minimally Invasive Surgery (Mitral Valve Repair) is dependent on a diagnosis by a cardiologist. If the patient has other concomitant diseases That requires surgery for many diseases May not be able to do surgery with this method In which the doctor will consider the appropriate surgical treatment in the future In order to bring patients back to life with quality