5 important reasons that should not be overlooked The cause of acne on the back

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5 important reasons that should not be overlooked The cause of acne on the back

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In addition to the problem of acne on the face Acne on the back is a problem that bothers women equally, especially during the time of going to a party or an important event. And want to dress up sexy, show off her back Becomes to be kept folded Then turned to put on a shirt and acne ทางเข้า superslot treatment on the back instead And in order to prevent such problems from recurring repeatedly, girls need to know the major causes of acne on the back, so let's look at 5 important reasons that should not be overlooked.
1. Foods that are high in fat and sugar.
Did you know that food you eat regularly can contribute to the acne on your back? Especially high fat and sugar foods Whether it's fried, sweet, or chocolate. This type of food when you eat it will result in more oily skin. This causes pores to clog and cause acne to follow.
2.Wear hard clothing
In the clothing that contributes to the acne on the back are clothes with hard fabrics. Because this type of fabric will cause friction with the skin all the time. It also causes poor ventilation as expected. Resulting in dampness Caused the accumulation of bacteria, sweat and dirt. This causes the pores to clog and inevitably cause acne on the back.
3.Dirty sheets and pillowcases
In addition to keeping in mind the cleanliness of used clothing, your regular bed linens and pillowcases must also be cleaned. You should at least keep cleaning every week or twice a month. Still, if you leave it for a long time without cleaning, it can be a reservoir of bacteria and dirt.
4. Wash products used on the skin thoroughly.
Using skin products No matter what area of the body is used Need to be washed thoroughly If cleaning is not good enough It will cause a residue on the skin. And make acne more easily, so girls who often use sunscreen, oil, skin care cream. Including shampoo and conditioner It should be washed thoroughly to help reduce acne on the back as well.
5. Caused by heredity and hormones.
For girls who wonder why acne is still on the back Both who care about cleanliness Choosing to wear clothes that are well ventilated Or including eating foods that try to avoid foods that are high in fat and sugar. It is possible that acne breakouts are caused by heredity and hormones that are passed on by family members.